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Sonus Professional Bucket

Sonus Professional Bucket

  • • Sturdy five castor design
  • • Storage and locking lid
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Product Details

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It's a seat, it's a creeper, it's a storage container, and it's the best darn bucket you'll ever own!

Sonus Professional Bucket is the "Cadillac-of-buckets." It all starts with a heavy duty, five castor dolly that will support over 300 pounds! The bucket itself might look like any other 5-gallon hardware store bucket, but it's not. Like the dolly, this bucket is made to work hard and give you many years of service. Plus, it offers a spin-on lid that is also a storage container for your brushes, sponges, car wash, or any other accessories you want and transforms the bucket into a creeper! To keep sand and other grit away from your car, the Sonus Professional Bucket includes a Grit Guard™. Grit Guard is a wash bucket grate system that prevents your brushes, sponges and wash mitt from reaching the bottom of the bucket where the grit in the wash water settles. Grit Guard adds safety and piece of mind for those who maintain their car's paint at a high level of perfection. To top-off the whole system, the Sonus Professional Bucket comes with a padded seat to make sitting or kneeling more comfortable.

Key Benefits

  • Sturdy five castor design provides mobility and improves function  
  • Storage and locking lid mean more organization and less waste  
  • Grit Guard prevents dirt and debris from recontaminating surface during wash process
  • Cushion provides comfort for backs and knees 


  • Make sure Grit Guard is properly inserted. 
  • Fill bucket with favorite car wash product and water.
  • When empty, fill bucket with desired products and accessories.  
  • Use as creeper when working along rocker panels and bumpers.  Cushion provides additional comfort. 
  • Lock lid to save pre-mixed washes or for removal to waste site without spillage.  

Note: Do not stand on Sonus Professional Bucket.  Seat is intended to be sitting or kneeling. Castors may cause bucket to roll unintentionally,  Use caution in placement and use.

Recommended Surfaces

  • Clear coated surfaces   
  • Painted surfaces, Non-painted surfaces
  • Fiberglass & gel coat surfaces
  • Gold, brass, silver & aluminum surfaces
  • Plastic & glass surfaces


 Sonus Professional Bucket
 Locking lid with storage container
 Grit Guard
 Seat Cushion
 Castor base