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Carrand Premium Body Sponge

Carrand Premium Body Sponge

  • •Removes tough dirt & grime
  • •Poly-mesh netting side
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Product Details

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Pamper your vehicle with the Carrand Premium Body Sponge!

Carrand’s Premium Body Sponge offers twice the luxury with plush, deep pile microfiber on one side and poly-mesh netting on the other side. This powerful yet soft combination is ideal for removing dirt and debris, as well as bugs, tar and surface deposits. No need to worry about running out of soap mid-clean.  The heavy duty foam sponge core offers tons of suds. It’s as convenient as it is luxurious.  The built in pocket keeps hand snug while making it easy to hold. Wash after use and dry completely before storing for future use.

Key Benefits

  • Quickly and easily removes tough dirt & grime  
  • Poly-mesh netting side for gentle scrubbing power  
  • Deep pile microfiber side for sudsing and wiping


  • Rinse surface to be cleaned of loose dirt and debris. 
  • Use Carrand Premium Body Sponge with your favorite wash solution.
  • Wash vehicle from top to bottom, rinsing frequently to reduce water spotting.  
  • Wash Carrand Premium Body Sponge after use.  Dry completely before storing for future use.  

Note: Rinse sponge if dropped to remove contaminants that can damage vehicle surfaces.

Recommended Surfaces

  • Clear coated surfaces   
  • Painted surfaces & non-painted surfaces
  • Fiberglass & gelcoat surfaces
  • Gold, brass, silver & aluminum surfaces
  • Plastic & glass surfaces


 Carrand Premium Body Sponge, 8" by 5" by 2.5"