A classic look needs the ultimate detail.

When you want your Eco-friendly car to turn heads and show off that perfect shine, apply Four Star's proven system of longer-lasting products.

Your car is your joy, your obsession and an undeniable source of pride.  Nothing less than Four Star can bring out the luster your car needs to look and perform at its best. Formulated for car enthusiasts by car enthusiasts, Four Star offers a product for every purpose.

  • Clean

    Cleaning your vehicle is the most basic maintenance task. But doing it right-- getting rid of road grime, brake dust, bird droppings and contaminants takes the expertise infused in Four Star cleanser products for both the exterior and interior. Formulated to work together and boosted by the Polycharger™ polymers.

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  • Polish
    The secret to restoring showroom paint color and gleaming, aluminum and chrome metalwork is applying the Four Star specially-blended formula for each vehicle surface before you polish. Four Star's restorative products reverse paint aging, eliminate oxidation and turn back the clock to your cars original brilliance. And it's easy...just rub and restore.

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  • Dual Action Polisher & Pads

    You need a tough seal to make certain your vehicle is protected from harsh environmental elements, corrosive contaminants and prevent premature aging. Four Star protectants keep your finish durable and long-lasting.

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  • Circular Polisher & Pads

    To bring out the gleam, the rich paint colors and ultra-fine finish of your vehicle. Four Star offers professional-grade polishing products to polish by hand or circular polisher. From polishes, buffer kits, pads and  other detail care offerings, you can easily produce stunning show car finish results.

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  • Protect

    You've been meticulous in every aspect of detailing your car. You've invested time in preserving and improving its shine from the headlights, to the undercarriage, engine, interior and everything in between. To keep heads turning throughout the season, Four Star provides a series of easy-to-apply maintenance products to help you retain the luster. 

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